PAIS Rochdale

Rochdale has its very own PAIS Team, four dedicated youth workers, who go into schools to mentor children, lead assemblies and talk about Jesus. One of the team, Thamiris Batista is based at Newbold and works with the teenagers in the church.

As well as bible study, they have craft activities, films, praise parties, food and most of all fun.

PAIS is an international organisation that partners with local churches to work in schools and the community. As missionaries who make missionaries, the PAIS team aim to empower and challenge people to live out their faith and bring heaven to earth.

The PAIS team are passionate about speak out to the young generation, partnering with local churches to reach out to our communities with the unconditional love of God, and empowering children and young people to do the same.



10:30 am and 6 pm

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Andy McCulloch


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